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Select Wine Society                                                                       Updated 1.18.2010
Don't Drink Boring Wine!

Do you love wine, but are daunted by the overwhelming amount of choices in
the market these days? Are you interested in trying some of the best new wines
and vintages at home? At West Street Wine & Spirits, we offer Club Wine,    
err, Select Wine Society.

Every month a package of three different wines will be chosen - great values,
new wines and producers selected from established and emerging growing
regions throughout the world. For only $34.99 plus tax per month you can try
great new reds and whites, and get special case pricing on your favorites.

Don't get stuck in a rut settling on the same spiritless wine month after month!
Finding a new wine is hassle free with Club Wine, err, Select Wine Society.
Stop by with your credit card to set up your membership, and the first week of
every month you'll receive an e-mail notice that your order is ready for pick up.
Of course, there is no extended obligation - if you wish to cancel at any time
just call us at 860.658.5482.

Term memberships make great gifts for any occasion!
Past Selections
Simsbury's Original Fine Beverage Shop
Jan '10
Ch. de Bousquet, Manta Sauvignon Blanc &
Toasted Head Untamed Red